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Have you ever noticed that standing at a concert is more tiring than standing anywhere else?

Have you ever muted a music video?

Is it ok that the only Wu-Tang member I like without reservation is the dead one?

Is it possible to express my appreciation of Huey Lewis’s Fore without it being a reference to American Psycho?

Why does so much metal sound so melodramatic?

Is anybody still making math rock?

Has it ever crossed your mind to not like Bob Dylan?

Does it irritate you when people sing quietly to themselves?

Does anybody else secretly think the Alien Ant Farm cover of “Smooth Criminal” is slightly better than the original?

Is anybody else tired of rap?

Has anyone reading this gotten in trouble for downloading music illegally?

Am I alone in liking ELO?

Can Operation Ivy be cool again?

Is it sad that I’ll never feel the…

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