Over the last couple of days, I have been ruminating my own theory on time travel.

On Tuesday night, JD and I went to see the time-travel-actioner-cum-mind-screw-thriller, Looper. For those who haven’t heard of the film, I can’t be bothered outlining the synopsis. You can read one here or here. Or if you can watch the trailer here. Don’t let my apathy for descriptions fool you. I really enjoyed this film. Really. I just don’t think I would do it justice by trying to condense the film’s ingenuity and complexity by describing it in a few sentences. Okay, you caught me. I’m just lazy. But this isn’t a film review site, so you shouldn’t be coming here with those kinds of expectations. It’s action. It’s suspense. It’s time travel. If you like Christopher Nolan style paradoxes, a masculine version of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rian Johnson (an underrated writer-director who…

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