CMC Artist–Rachel May

My friend Rachel May, follow her music and be inspired by her talent.

Nashville. and Beyond.

A fish in the sea always content/in the home his whole life was spent/until one day a bird with good intent/ tells him he should fly/his whole life the same old song/he now he wonders if he was wrong/ to stay in the sea his whole life long/and never see the sky/ it’s so hard to tell himself that this is where he is meant to be//Well we’ve all been told what is silver and what is gold/ if we don’t fit in we don’t belong/the reason must be/ why you are you and I am me/ so I will not change my song//

….and what a song to sing! Music artist Rachel May professes these words loudly in her more recent song “Anthem.” It’s a  declaration that goes a layer deeper than the typical “be who you are” theme of so many songs.  It  expresses many vantage points, but…

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