It is getting SO hot in Pondicherry…almost unbearable! It just gets so uncomfortable even at 8 in the morning. Soon I will have to stop counting the number of times I have to take a shower to wash the sweat off and to cool down the body temperature. As ridiculous and uncomfortable as it sounds- at least I feel good about  being green by not using the air conditioner 24/7.

I have been thinking of doing a couscous recipe for a while now, but just got distracted exploring other variety of healthier options (like cracked wheat, barley, qinoa etc.). After flirting with various ideas of  what kind of sauce do I want to put over the couscous, I came up with this coconut milk based sauce because I didn’t want to make anything that was tomato based. This sauce is so delicate and pairs so well with the couscous. Whats better? its vegan!

I flavored the…

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