Visit to Toby Mac’s Studio

One of the many places that we had the great opportunity to visit during our first week at the CMC was Toby Mac’s recording studios. No, we did not get to meet Toby Mac, but we got to meet people who are doing the behind the scenes work that many people don’t think about. 

The first person we had a chance to hear from was Bryan Lenox, who has worked with many award winning artists. His first major production job was Michael W Smith’s Go West, Young Man album, and he is currently working with Elton John. From his early career to his present career it has been evident that he has a passion for his work. While we were all stunned when he was talking about working with Elton John, he didn’t seem to make a big deal about it. 

After we heard from Bryan, Brad Pooler (CMC Alum from Semester 18) showed us around to different rooms where they have done recording and even some shots for music videos. He told us about his experience as a student at CMC and how he got connected with Bryan and started to work with him. He actually met Bryan on a site visit. Maybe a few years down the road you will see a Semester 22 Alum working in a similar position. Making connections with people and keeping in contact with someone is an important tool to have because the people you know are the ones who will help you find a job, even if you start as a lowly intern who spends most days cleaning out closets. 

While at the studios we also talked with Kyle Lee, who mainly focuses on songwriting and engineering songs. We also met Jamie Moore who works on producing beats for artists. All in all, the experience was something that would never have come to me at my main college campus. That is what makes the Contemporary Music Center so important and useful. If I would have never taken the risk of coming here, I would have missed out on meeting amazing, influential people who are in the music industry.

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