The Power Of Pennies

Money is important to everyone, especially poor college student but how often do we stop and think about the value of our pocket change? I’ve always grown up saving pocket change but my use of cash has drastically decreased with the use of debit and credit cards. I didn’t stop caring about coins and change it just wasn’t a dominant thought in my mind until this semester.

One of the first things I notice about my roommate Abbigail Facey was her “obsession” with finding money on the ground. She would be so excited about finding a penny she’d walk in the room and say “I found two pennies today” and place them in her large coin container. The next day she would come in saying “I found a dime today that is the equivalent of ten pennies” I started to gain interest and asked her about her coin collection.

She explained to me how she started to collect change from the streets of New York over the summer and it was rewarding. She was told a story by a relative about someone who saved all their change in college and afterward and they saved up enough money to purchase a condo. Facey says that “I see how people just throw change away like it’s not important, their indifference to the change is my opportunity”. She has gained a lot from these opportunities by saving around $23 this semester in change.

I took the challenge upon myself to find coins and save up some money. Without a job this semester I could use all the money, even the smallest pennies. This semester I have found and saved over $16 and have picked up three septa tokens which equal to about $5. I also picked up a wheat penny from the floor of the Owl’s Nest, which was a great find except I didn’t find one of the most valuable ones it was still exciting. Some wheat pennies are worth $500 or more because they are so rare.

Think about the smaller things in life like pennies. They may have the smallest cash value, but they add up over time and it’s not unusual to find five of more in one day. Open your eyes and look for some change while walking the sidewalks and show the coins that they are still valuable.

This is an article that I wrote for the Nov. 1st issue of the Broad Street Journal which is a bi-weekly newsletter from Messiah College Philly campus. For all the articles and editions of the Broad Street Journal go to


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